June Networking and Surprise Farewell for Suzy OgeSuzy Ogé, who founded the WBII some 7 years ago, will be moving soon from The Hague to Jakarta, Indonesia.
We said our goodbyes to her at a surprise farewell party on June 27th, and during the event, we made Suzy a WBII ‘Lifetime Member’.
Suzy assured us that even though she will be far away, she will happily continue to support us.
It is fitting here to once more express my huge admiration for her energy and vision, and we all wish her, her husband Stephane and her children, our very best wishes in their new home.
During my speech about Suzy at her going-away party, I reminded everyone (including Suzy) that no less than six women will be replacing her on the WBII Executive Board.
It is my privilege to present the members of the Executive Board:
Akkie Okma Charlene Lambert Vinita Salomé Lisa Hall Natalie Carstens Ceci Wong Suzy Oge
Akkie Okma – President
Charlene Lambert – Vice-President, and Member of the Advisory Board
Vinita Salomé – Secretary
Lisa Hall – Treasurer
Natalie Carstens – Website and Social Media
Ceci Wong – New Members
Suzy Ogé – Executive Board Member, and Member of the Advisory Board
It is our role and duty to continue to support women entrepreneurs with a strong business network. The network is aimed at helping each other in order to make our businesses grow, and to deploy all our faculties as an entrepreneur.
In the coming newsletters, we will personally present ourselves to you. As a dynamic network and ‘club’, not only the board members, but also all the members will get their chance to make a personal presentation. We will be in touch with you over the coming months to invite everyone to contribute their own introduction.
During the last few months, a lot of new members have joined WBII. A warm welcome to Julie Kennedy, Bieneke Braat, Dawn Black and Suzanne Molander – and there are more new members in the “pipeline”! We would like to get to know you better, and find out where we can collaborate.
Please join us at our upcoming network event on August 22! Mr. Toon Buddingh, Member of the WBII Advisory Board, will be giving a presentation called: ‘the perfect elevator pitch – how to make a rapid and lasting impression’.
In any case, we are greatly motivated to start with a new a season after the summer break.
As for now, I wish you a happy summer vacation exploring new horizons!
On behalf of Executive Board,
Akkie Okma