Self made? Oh, that sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? No, I’m not asking who wants to marry a Millionaire, although there seems to be no shortage of women lining up for the opportunity on the Millionaire Matchmaker TV show!
This Quote magazine cover with the 100% SELFMADE headline really grabbed my attention. Sure the diamond encrusted Hermes saw, Louis Vuitton screwdrivers, Cartier wrench and not so subtle Tiffany Blue background might have had something to do with it? Convincing myself this feature would be worth the extra effort to read (decipher) in Dutch, I eagerly bought the magazine and started flipping through page after page of entrepreneurial men, yes almost only men!
Wanna guess how many women made it on to this Dutch list of 100 who have earned 6 million or more without inheriting a family fortune?
Well, you have to go all the way back on page 78 to the bottom half of the list, to eventually stumble upon a profile of a women. Finally we can all be proud? No, wait a minute, she is a model. Sadly only four women out of the 100 millionaires and 3 are models! The fourth is weight loss mogul, Sonja Bakker.

Hmmm Ladies, we have work to do. Don’t even think about picking up this magazine in search of eligible bachelors! Get out their and plant your own money tree!
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