Charlotte's Law
On 26 November, lawyer and photographer Charlotte Meindersma, owner of Charlotte’s Law & Fine Prints, won the Viva400 Award in the category Online.
Charlotte shared her nomination with lots of fashion and lifestyle bloggers.
Because of her alternative way of working as a lawyer and her outstanding campaign she won the award in her category.
According to the jury: “You make law understandable for entrepreneurs by blogging. The jury thinks that you combine offline and online perfectly, of which your ‘Oploskoffie’ is a great example.”

Not a sexy profession

Charlotte heard she won the Viva Award on Tuesday night: “It was a surprise. I never thought I could win. The competition was big and I don’t have a sexy or popular profession.”
But when Charlotte does something, she does it well. She started a campaign about her nomination and built a special website for it. She showed voters a bit about the private life of a lawyer. “I have my very own way for doing things. Same goes for winning. I think that this alternative approach is what helped me win. That makes me extra happy to win this award. It is recognition for my way of working.”


Lawyer Charlotte Meindersma is an entrepreneur since 2011. She won’t let others tell her how to do her work. With her alternative approach she totally surprises the conservative law business. She, for example, sells Oploskoffie – the coffee that solves everything, to make legal advise available to a bigger group of entrepreneurs.
Charlotte helps entrepreneurs to solve their legal problems so they can save money. She does this by giving legal advice, writing legal documents and by offering workshops.
Entrepreneurs can always reach Charlotte through social media and she shares her knowledge through her blog. By doing this she serves entrepreneurs in the creative sector and e-commerce the best way possible. Because of this approach and service, Charlotte won the desirable Viva-award.
Viva400 is a list, organised by the weekly women’s magazine, Viva. It is a list for young, successful and inspirational women. The list was first compiled in 2008 and consists of 8 different categories and for each category there is a winner. The women on the list did something special in 2013 and are outstanding in their profession.
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Photo credit: Arnold Reyneveld