Do you know why all those pills, procedures and other magical appearance changing quick fixes out there do not satisfy you? Why you think that the results never make you look younger, thinner, prettier, leaner or muscular enough? It is because your body image is the same. It is still negative.
Accept and Rock Your Perfectly Imperfect Body will get you to a place where you feel confident, comfortable, empowered and accepting of yourself and your body. This online CBT supportive and effective program is jammed packed with insightful questions, exercises, experiments/ challenges, forms for keeping records and some inspirational stuff too. You determine the pace and progress that is conformable to you and you can tailor the journey to your needs.
If you want to beat down you inner critic to a pulp, be whom you want to be and start embracing and loving yourself in the shape that you have at this moment, then this is THE program for you.

Are you ready to take life by the horns, face your obstacles and start living the way you want and deserve to? Register here

Dr.Sharon Galor helps adult expats demolish their obstacles, unlock their fears and live the life they yearn for. Her research has been published in prominent peer-reviewed scientific journals. She is also the author of Be assertive! Be your authentic self (CBT workbook). Find out more about her practice