anti-conflict-workshopLearn how to empower your relationship, to deal with every day challenges, and to make use of practical techniques to bring change in it.
Feel respected, not rejected. 
Based on A. Beck’s Cognitive Theory (CBT), this workshop aims to cover these main points:

  • How Negative Thinking affects our relationship?
    Yes, we do tend to misinterpret or generalize in an unfair way.
    Our hidden fears affect our thinking.
    We either value more our caring side or our pride. Never both.
  • How can two different personalities get along well? 
    Our expectations change how we see the Other.
  • Can the rules take away the fun from the relationship? 
    “Musts” and “Shoulds” that interfere with the “Wants”
  • Secrets and Silences that threaten the relationship. 
    What are the real areas of conflict?
    What are the basic beliefs behind the fights?
    Memories from the past stimulated by the present conflicts.
  • Are we objective enough to judge?
    When our mind plays tricks on us and when we distort the truth to our benefit.
  • What is the cause of the anger? 
    Anger can be transformed into assertiveness.
    Explain the differences – become more flexible
  • What can be changed in the relationship and what can not? 
    Improve the relationship, develop its strengths, eliminate the weaknesses.
  • How to build more trust and to bring more commitment? 
    Learn to love and to be loved.
  • Mastering the Art of Conversation. 
    Cooperation helps communication.

Starting on 24/2/2016 – Contact Vassia Sarantopoulou for details 
3 meetings (2 mandatory and the 3rd meeting optional)
FEES: If you pick the 2 mandatory meetings -> 115€
If you pick the 2 mandatory meetings, and later add the 3rd meeting -> 165€
If you pick all 3 meetings from the beginning -> 145€
DAYS: 3 consequent Wednesdays
TIME: Evening time
PLACE: The Hague & Leiden
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Vassia-Sarantopoulou-100Vassia Sarantopoulou is a counselor-psychologist working with clients in one-to-one sessions but also organising group workshops. Her clients’ well-being, self-pride and empowerment is her main goal.