Let’s talk about makeup…. but let’s also talk about health. You will be surprised on how much these two things are interlinked nowadays. Have you ever wondered what are the long term effects of the skincare and makeup you are putting on your body?
If not, you might be interested in finding out.
Currently, there are thousands of cosmetics and beauty products on the market and we use them every day but we rarely or never stop to read the ingredient’s labels, and we usually don’t know their meaning. We tend to believe that if it is available on the market it must not be only good but also safe.
Unfortunately, that is far from the truth since this is not always the case.     A great majority of chemical ingredients have not been tested for their safety before being placed on the market. Many of them have irritating or allergenic effects, while others are suspected to be endocrine disruptors, leading to hormonal imbalances and all kinds of toxicities, obviously with a long-term negative health impact. The most offensive ones are linked to cancer.
Of course, wearing a lipstick ocasionally won’t harm anyone. But we all know this is not the case for most women. We use skincare and makeup products every single day and by doing this, if we are not aware, we are exposing ourselves to dangerous chemicals. With the skin being our largest living organ, and absorbing everything that we apply to it, we could be more conscious about kind of cosmetics we should to use.
A recent study found out that in just one day a woman is being exposed to about 500 chemicals from beauty products alone!
Cosmetic ingredients are very difficult to read and understand for the un-trained eye. Furthermore, new marketing campaigns only add confussion to the consumer by using terms like “all natural” which basically means nothing since this is not a legally protected term. In the meantime you might be thinking that you are effectively buying something “natural”. It takes a good deal of work to figure out which ingredients are safe and which are harmful in the long term.
To help you understand your labels, Corpo Natura has put a together a Clean Beauty Guide which lists the most toxic chemicals you want to avoid in your personal care products and their long term effects for your overall health.

About the author: Anouk Dominguez
Anouk is Dominican born, world traveller, currently living in The Netherlands. After a health setback she became aware of the importance of pursuing a healthier a lifestyle especially in times in which we are exposed to so many toxic chemicals.
Founder of Corpo Natural, she is fully committed to empower women by increasing awareness of conventional cosmetic’s ingredients and their possible long term effect for their health, helping them to make better decisions.