Arriving in a new city for a holiday is one thing. Arriving with plans to settle for a short or relatively short period of time is another. The tourist attractions, museums etc offer a glimpse into the life of a city – past and present – but not necessarily into your own life in a new city. For this reason continues to organise the ‘Feel at home in The Hague – The International Community Fair. ‘ The Fair, in its third year, is for recently arrived, returning and longer term international residents of The Hague. In one day this group can be introduced to more than 170 groups, clubs, associations and businesses and discover all there is to do in their free and leisure time. When you are only going to be a new city for a short period, a jump start to the ‘who, what and where’ is welcome. In addition to the information waiting to be gathered, and contacts to be made, there are numerous activities at the Fair for one and all.

A day out

Among the many activities on Sunday 21 September from 11am – 5 pm at City Hall (Atrium) are:  an International Food Court featuring flavours from Africa to Asia and Italy to Mexico, a massage corner, a Free Trade coffee and tea corner, a podium with music and theatre performances, a chance to test your golf swing and measure your fitness level, and an area for children to be creative and cared for.

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