Many people don’t always feel happy with their jobs. They don’t like their manager, they feel they don’t get enough responsibilities or they just don’t feel challenged. Deep in their hearts they wish they could quit and do something totally different and exciting…
I quit my job to find, buy, renovate, and run a hotel.
I still have to prove I can  run a hotel, but I  have managed to finance, buy and renovate one. The hotel opens November 8th.
A few things were really helpful to me along the way:
Other people.
To get started, you will need people to help you, and later on to promote and buy your product.  You can only expect people to help or promote you if they understand and like your plans, so be enthusiastic and confident, and communicate very clearly.  Develop a very clear vision of what you want to produce with your company, for whom, how and why.  Tell everybody about your plans and meet as many people as you can, that can potentially help, even if it is with the smallest piece of information.  Be open-minded towards all kinds of information and filter out what’s relevant for you. Realize that people with more experience know more, and at the same time trust your own vision:  make a good balance.  Make an appealing website: it often is the first impression that people get about your business!
Get your finances right.
Hire a well-reputed accountant to review and approve your numbers, it strongly increases your credibility towards investors and reduces your risks!  If you do not understand accounting, make sure you learn at least the basics. If you do not know where your cost go and where the revenue’s from you can’t manage profit and risks.
Think about the risks
Be very conscious of your biggest risks and make sure you have a backup plan for them.
Go for it, 100%
If you know what you want and have pictured the risks and the finances, then quit your job go for it full time. Why should people invest time, help, and money in you if you don’t invest in yourself?  It takes a lot of time to prepare things seriously and to build a network
Always remember that every problem has a solution
When things don’t go as planned, and you can’t change that situation: be positive.  Accept irreversible situations as they are and think of the best option possible in the situation given.  Every problem has a solution and the most creative solutions come up in hard times.  Just be flexible and make the best out of it.
Following my dreams is really hard work and really good fun. It has opened many doors. Each day is different. I have met many kinds of people and learned about many topics. And creating something for yourself just feels very rewarding. If you have plan, go for it!
WBII member Corina Waaijer took the big plunge and made her dream happen.  Passionate and enthusiastic about her vision, Corina invested in a hotel property which she has renovated and transformed into Hotel Mozaic, just down the street from the WBII at Laan Copes van Cattenburch 38-40 (corner Bankastraa)t.  Hotel Mozaik offers a luxury feel and an emphasis on service through 25 rooms, a WiFi lounge, and much more.  Check it out (or in)  at   Opens November 8.