Mastermind Groups at the WBII

Accelerate your business success by joining a Mastermind group or start one of your own!

At the WBII, Mastermind Groups (also known as ‘peer advisory’, ‘business support’ or ‘brainstorming’ groups) consist of a group of professional entrepreneurs who meet to share experiences, exchange ideas and to help and support each other as part of their professional development.

Both starters and experienced business owners will benefit from participating in these groups. Participants raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, and by brainstorming new possibilities. By participating in a Mastermind Group, you’ll gain tremendous insights as well as supportive colleagues which in turn will move the group (and all of the businesses involved) to new heights.

We recommend that Mastermind groups meet once every six weeks with the goal to collaborate, support and motivate each other. Members of the group often take turns to choose a theme and facilitate. Most meetings take place in The Hague.

Are you interested in joining or initiating a group? The initiation and formation of new Mastermind groups is coordinated by Teresa Moynihan. Please contact Teresa directly or post in our members only Facebook group to initiate a new group!

WBII Coaching Group – accepting new members!

The WBII Coaching Group consists of a group of professional coaches who meet to share experiences, exchange ideas and to help and support each other as part of their professional development.

The group meets once every six weeks with the aim to collaborate, support and motivate each other. Members of the group take turns to choose a theme and facilitate.

Qualified and/or experienced coaches are invited to join the Group. If you are interested, please contact Teresa Moynihan.

“We meet once every 6 weeks in person, if possible. The group consists of coaches and trainers. We each specialise in our own fields of expertise. Everyone will participate and bring something to the meetings, sometimes we get a ‘taster’ of each other’s specialism in coaching which is always fun and inspiring!

The objective of our group is:

  • To encourage professional development within the coaching arena.
  • To exchange ideas, styles of coaching, development tools and other relevant knowledge (e.g. book, seminar tips).
  • To discuss individual case studies (in confidence) for group support (intervision)
  • Peer accountability
  • Provide a sounding board from like-minded entrepreneurs who understand the coaching business.

The group has been going for a long time, we started at the WBII’s first office on Laan Copes van Cattenburch! We’ve grown and downsized since that time and based on our experience, keeping the group size to max 8 works very well.

I know I can speak for the other members as well, but we always leave the meetings feeling energised and inspired; we are lucky to be part of a great group and even bigger community such as the WBII and we provide each other emotional support during difficult times as well, so it was great to keep up the meetings where possible during Covid online.”

– Teresa Moynihan, 2022

Eclipse Mastermind

“Eclipse has been in existence since 2014. We aim to meet every 6 weeks, usually in-person, when our schedules allow! Our group continues to focus on support, listening, giving advice and feedback to each other as needed, as well as celebrating whatever went well.”

– Nancy Mayer, 2021

Mastermind 2020

“We have had our Mastermind group since June 2020. We were meeting regularly once a month online for a long time during the covid period. However, when it became possible, we started to meet in person in each other’s homes, which we find really nice and we prefer more than online. It enables us to share personal, private and business experiences in a safe, cosy and comfortable environment.

We enjoy lunch, drinks or snacks together, even some nice wine : ). We share our experience, help each other with visibility and other business issues, we support each other and empower each other. Besides, we also became friends and have shared a lot of personal stuff, too.”

– Darina Veen, 2022

The Athena’s

“Initially we tried to meet monthly but found that it made more sense for us to meet every 6 – 8 weeks. What helps us attend the meetings is putting the dates in our agenda’s at least six months in advance.

I think I can speak for all of us in saying that the mastermind group has been a very positive experience. Although we are all entrepreneurs, we each have a different specialty which contributes to different perspectives. Some of us have been in business for many years and others are at the beginning. This is very helpful with advising each other via our own experiences on what does and doesn’t work for us.

During each meeting, one person facilitates the group to ensure that we keep within our allotted meeting time and another presents something in the area of their specialty. In this way we expand our knowledge base while respecting each other’s time. We set realistic monthly goals for ourselves in both business and wellness and encourage each other when life gets in the way of us achieving our goal that month.

Personally, I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to be a part of this group of ‘Athena’s’. I’m not always able to attend the WBII events but since we pick a meeting time that works for all of us, I do attend the Mastermind meetings. It’s been the best part of being a WBII member.”

– Sandra Delgado Quist, 2022

Members participating in a Mastermind Group