Chiropractie NoordzeeMy name is Ceci Wong and I am a chiropractor, originally from the United States. I graduated
from Palmer College of Chiropractic in San Jose, California, in December of 2003. After graduation, I worked in California, Jamaica, and Indonesia, before settling here in the Netherlands for the last 5 years.
I have always been drawn towards health care, especially, alternative healthcare. My family
used traditional Chinese medicine when I was young and I was rarely sick, and I believe many ailments can be helped with a little boost from nature. During my chiropractic studies, I also worked as a personal trainer at an all-women’s health club, furthering my interest in health and fitness. I enjoy learning different things, whether it’s for my work or a new hobby. My wanderlust hasn’t subsided, either; I still love to travel, to learn about different cultures, and to learn different languages. I have studied 6 languages in the past, and I can still fluently speak 3 of them. I jog, do yoga, and I love live music.
In April, I started a chiropractic practice with my partner. The vision of the practice focuses on quality of care over quantity, where the patient’s needs are always central. Each treatment includes personalized attention, honest care, and additional advice to help support what your body needs. We treat our patients the way we would like to be treated, and always with the highest standard of care.
I am excited for the opportunity to have my own business and to serve the community of The Hague in the best way possible. The Women’s Business Initiative has been a great resource for me in starting my business. The help, support, advice, and ideas I’ve received on how to reach new patients will not be forgotten. I feel more connected to the city and community that I love, and it is great to belong to an organization with so many successful, independent businesswomen.
Yours in health,
Ceci Wong, D.C.
Chiropractor, North Sea Chiropractic