My name is Katie and I’m an American-born Holland resident living and working in Utrecht. I moved here in May 2009 with my dog Mona after years of working in the field of social service management. Moving here to be with my guy (also American), I got the opportunity to create a new life! In my first months here I spent time in Dutch class, practicing yoga and also doing loads of cooking and baking. After getting such positive feedback on my cookies I thought it was time for me to become an entrepreneur.
The values that lead me to the social service field now lead me to build a company that in every decision strives to consider both social and environmental sustainability. Beyond offering the best possible product, I want to also guarantee a most thoughtful process. That’s why, for example, I use packaging that is recyclable and compostable. It’s why I support Triodos, a bank focused on reinvesting in sustainable efforts, as a business customer. I also use organic ingredients not only to create a superior product but also to support the business of organic food production, which is better for our bodies and for our land.
I’ve found a lively community of entrepreneurs here in the Netherlands and am also finding a home in the network of social- and eco-conscious businesses. It turns out that being a businesswoman, cookie artist and scientist, and social/eco champion is a cross-section of roles that suits me very well.
My ultimate goal is that your experience with Katie’s Cookies – whether ordering, receiving, or partnering – will add something special to your day.
Starting on Friday, April 1st (no joke!) click through my NEW website at  Choose your favorite flavors to create a perfect box of cookies!  Send them as a gift to anyone in the Netherlands…including yourself!
Katie Miller
Katies Cookies
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