Marketing Coach Stephanie Ward helps entrepreneurs attract more clients to their businesses with one-on-one coaching. She enjoys supporting business owners in doing what they love and making it fun at the same time. Stephanie is launching a new home study course this year called ‘Get Clear, Get Clients’ which is designed to lead business owners through a process to create a more successful business
Originally from the US Stephanie has been living in the Netherlands since 1999. She joined the WBII in 2008 to connect and share with other members and meet interesting people who are passionate about business. Just one of the tips Stephanie offers for business owners “decide on a clear and focused niche, you can always expand later. Be very clear about what specific problem you solve and for whom you solve it,”
Be sure to check the website for more tips and offers like Stephanie’s free special report to business owners who are interested in attracting more clients: 7 Steps to Attract More Clients in Less Time. Stephanie has also published a book No Sweat Networking: Simple Solutions to Overcome Networking Obstacles. You can follow Stephanie on Twitter!