Charlotte is an Intellectual Property lawyer and a photographer. She cannot live without either of them and decided to combine the two.
As a photographer Charlotte got to know what life as a small business owner is like and how daunting especially the legal side of business can be. With that in mind Charlotte opened up her legal advice business Charlotte’s Law & Fine Prints. Charlotte is there for entrepreneurs that would rather have clear advice that goes beyond just the legal issues than a 30-page-memo on the legal ins and outs. Although she’d be happy to write that memo for you if you insist.
As an Intellectual Property and Information Law lawyer, Charlotte is especially equipped to take on any challenge that running a business in today’s digital age – that brought us many opportunities, along with new legal boundaries – may hold for you. Convinced that the law is a tool, not a goal, Charlotte’s advice will help you to run your business in the way you want.
But do not wait until you run into trouble: prevent it. As with many things in life prevention pays off in the long run. So, give Charlotte a call if you want to make sure you follow the rules and your legal defence is optimal, before mayhem finds you. Got a customer that seems to be looking for a legal struggle? Give Charlotte a call and find a strategy that makes you and your customer happy!
With all that legal stuff you’d almost forget Charlotte is also a photographer. She actually enjoys creating a beautiful photo just as much as cracking a legal case. Now, on the internet your business is just about as good as your website looks. Well, that and raving customer reviews. Get that first impression right. A good profile picture is essential, because more and more people want to know who they are doing business with (unless you are a big faceless corporation). Charlotte would be happy to create a profile picture that is truly you, rather than just another headshot.
Stand out of the crowd: use quality photos of you or your product on your website. Even if you run an online-store consider professional photos of your merchandise to make it look even better! Don’t know what kind of photo’s you want? Consider Charlotte your translator into imagery and allow her to advise you and brainstorm with her how you can create beautiful photo’s that will send or reinforce your message.
Charlotte Meindersma
 Charlotte Meindersma Fotografie & Charlotte’s Law & Fine Prints
Address: The Hague
Telephone: 06 28917463
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