Engagement- it’s the business buzzword of the moment. As in “How engaged are the employees of this company in its vision and its mission?” Like any organisation with aspirations of excellence and of growth, the WBII is looking to optimise the active engagement of its membership.
As our new mission statement reflects, we are a community of entrepreneurial women and it is through active collaboration from each and every member that we create a dynamic network for the exchange of knowledge. This idea lies at the heart of what it is to be a member of the WBII. That, and sipping drinks together in the garden.
Our networking events have more than just a social function – they increase our engagement with each other and with the WBII.
So while we enjoy some early summer weather over Margaritas and tapas, we’ll be talking about broadening member collaboration and participation in the initiative. To steal a line from a famous American: “Ask not what the WBII can do for you…ask what you can do for the WBII”. We’ve got a few surprises and goodies in store so do mark this as a can’t miss event!  Sign up here