by: Anouk Dominguez
Natural and organic cosmetic products have been steadily gaining popularity over the past couple of years. Everywhere you look you’ll see products being advertised as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’.

But what is the difference between natural and organic products?

Since there is no legal definition of the term ‘natural’, the term may refer to different things. A natural skincare product could therefore contain natural ingredients alongside synthetic ingredients. The ingredients in your natural shampoo might be naturally derived, but processed to a point where they’re not really considered natural anymore.
The term natural could even refer to the one or two natural ingredients in a product while the majority of the ingredients are chemical.
Since the term is not regulated, ‘natural’ unfortunately does not mean much. While there are certainly brands out there that produce actual natural products, we suggest that you’re careful when reading natural claims on products from conventional brands, since most likely they are only using a misleading marketing term.
When it comes to organic products and ingredients, certain rules apply. A company cannot claim that their products are completely ‘organic’ when they in fact contain synthetic ingredients.
The difference between natural and organic ingredients is that organic ingredients come from non-genetically modified plants, are grown in protected and sustainable environments and no artificial pesticides or toxic substances are used while growing or harvesting the ingredients.

Organic ingredients are pure, safe and are grown with respect for nature, humans and animals alike.

Even though the term ‘organic’ is somewhat regulated, certain companies still use the term on products that are not completely natural or organic and may even contain toxic ingredients. Therefore it’s important that you always look for either an organic certification, such as EcoCert, Cosmos, BDIH, USDA Organic or Soil Association or learn how to read your cosmetics ingredient’s labels.
Conventional products are usually made with natural and synthetic ingredients alike. Synthetic ingredients are made artificially through chemical reactions. Certified natural and organic products do not contain any toxic ingredients that may harm you or the environment. They’re free from artificial colors, fragrances and preservatives.

They contain the best that nature has to offer: plant based oils, butters, extracts and scents that are a pleasure to use and offer real results.

And more importantly they are free from harsh chemicals that harm the health in the long term.

Anouk Dominguez is an economist specialized in public policy with a successful career in her home country. After a health setback she started her own research on everything that got in touch with her body. She started to live a green life, and after moving to the Netherlands, she volunteered in an important European Non-Profit Organization, where she worked on chemicals and health to ensure a safe environment for mothers to be.
Corpo Natura is the ultimate result of her new vibrant and healthy lifestyle.