WHY do YOU network? I do very simply to meet people. When I meet them and find a common interest they
(a) remember me
(b) can be a service or assistance to someone I know
(c) broaden my horizons – personally & professionally
HOW do I do it? I mark my calendar a head of time, book the sitter and as the time approaches make a plan. Networking takes up time but is essential for building your network as small business owner. Below is a list of upcoming events for entrepreneurs in and around The Hague.
Do not forget while networking for yourself we are ALL behind you, so do not forget your fellow members and put in a good word for them. Looking for someone to go with? Check with the WBII to see who is going. Do you need WBII cards – let us know. Want a badge with your name and that of WBII – we can also help. Remember, there is strength in numbers and sometimes being part of a bigger whole gives YOU an extra boost. That is one of the reasons you joined, right?
Deborah Valentine
a hand in The Hague


Tuesday June 9th MKB Nederland Haring Party (Dutch)
Thursday June 18th Women at Work Women Leadership Breakfast (Dutch)
Thursday June 25th 7-9.30pm WBII BBQ €20 member  €25 non member
Thursday June 25th 6-10pm Haagse Vrouwen Zaken €22.50 Summer BBQ (Dutch)
Wednesday July 1st 6:30-11 pm Chamber of Commerce Beach Event (Dutch)
Monday July 6th 7-10pm Connecting Women €10 for non-members
Friday July 10th 1-3am NetworKing…After Midnight! €75 (Dutch)
First Thursday of the month in the Rubens Bar General – Expat Night @ Carlton Ambassador
OndernemerOntbijt – As a partner of of the the business breakfasts all WBII members are invited to attend, the events are organized by The municipality of The Hague. Invitations are sent via email. Be sure to make a point of registering as soon as possible when you receive the invitation in order to ensure a place.