What do you do if you break your foot and are forced to spend many hours immobile waiting for it to heal? In Johanne Bade’s case, she used her time to think about hormones! Realising that hormones, particularly hormone imbalances, can have a dramatic impact on a person’s health and wellbeing, Johanne re-educated herself to become a hormone balance coach.

It was clear from her presentation that Johanne is passionate about her work. In the 10 minutes available to her she talked us through some common hormone-related problems; tiredness, weight problems, menstrual pain and skin problems to name but a few. A hormone balance approach deals with such issues holistically, looking at an individual’s present and past lifestyle, nutrition, stress and exercise levels. The aim is not to treat the symptoms but to change habits and patterns in order to deal with the underlying problems. Not an easy thing to do, you might think, and you’re probably right; to sort out a possible hormone imbalance properly needs personal advice and coaching from a specialist. As a ‘taster’, Johanne gave us three very simple tips on how to get or stay healthy and give our hormones a boost:

  • Eat 400-500g of vegetables per day
  • Sleep 6-8 hours on a regular schedule per night
  • Build in enough relaxation time every day

I’m sure all of us can manage that!

It was very clear from Johanne’s presentation that ensuring your hormones are in balance can have beneficial health results, and equally clear that 10 minutes and this short write-up are nowhere near sufficient to do justice to the complexity of the method.

Johanne finished her presentation in line with the mini masterclass given by Erica van Engel on ‘Make it Happen in 2020’ (and for which she wrote the review) by describing where she is now with her business and where she plans to be with it this time next year. Judging by the energy, confidence and enthusiasm she showed during her presentation, I have no doubt that Johanne will in the 23% of people who really do fulfil their new year’s resolutions or goals!