A review of our September networking event by Lianne de Vries of the company Mevrouw de Vries.

Lessons learned from Eldridge Labinjo

At the September networking event coach, pitch trainer and theatre director Eldridge Labinjo took us on a whirlwind trip along his experiences and knowledge on ‘Generating Energy and Creating Success’. Read the lessons we learned from his energizing talk.
As a former dancer turned theatre director, pitch trainer, NLP master practioner and consultant for public speaking and presentation, you wouldn’t think that taking the stage in front of almost 20 women  would make Eldridge Labinjo nervous. Nevertheless, he admitted honestly that it felt different speaking in front of a small group like this. Was it true, simply an ice-breaker or did he say it to lift the veil off what his words would lead to?  What did get our attention, was his next statement: I did not come here to preach, but to give you valuable tips on how to create energy, call to action and what you want your audience to know about you.”

How to define energy and success

Eldridge immediately involved everyone in the process, by asking the question: what is and what generates energy?
Answers from the audience were varied: set target goals; satisfaction; joy; freedom. Additional ones included: energy is a driving force; to interact and to connect. But what about the basics, like food, good sleep? Those also give energy, physical energy that is. And: “Hey, a wild party with friends also can generate energy and flow?” True, admitted Eldrigde, but in the long term it doesn’t.
The other question he asked: “What does success mean to you?”  Elicited answers such as: earn money (as a representation of energy and time); passion; independence; doing what you like; grow and through growing help and produce value to the community. Feel connected.

Say it, but most importantly: feel it

To show what really generates energy and success, Eldridge Labinjo asked everyone to stand up. First instruction: head down, rounded shoulders, saying: “I feel great, this was the best day ever!”. Then asking us: “Did you feel it?” Collective answer: ‘No’.
Second exercise: stand up, hands up in the air, head up high, saying: “It was a lousy day, I feel awful, life is bad”. It ended up in laughter and more relaxation. But still no one felt what was being said. Come on, third attempt: sit down, feet firmly on the ground, head up, saying: “This was a nice day, I feel goo.” Same question again: “How did that feel?” Collective answer: ‘Great. Good. Natural’.

Contribute, congruence and context

So, to reach the conclusion of this 30 minutes long pep talk that made us all think and reflect, it is that through growing and contributing, you generate energy and create success (not forgetting that it is all about context). But most importantly: you need to have the natural ability to being in one line externally and internally, being congruent. That is to say: feel grounded. According to Eldridge Labinjo the ground is always there. And to be able to feel, you have to listen to your emotions, acknowledge them and take action. Emotions are the most powerful instruments your system gives to you.
So, Eldridge Labinjo kicked off with starting to say how he felt. That might be the biggest lesson learned in order to be able to tap into your energy reservoir: say what you feel, be congruent and grounded.

Lianne de VriesLianne de Vries founder of  MevrouwdeVries, which is a creative editorial agency for transparent, commercial and journalistic (web) writing. She is an advisor on communications strategy.