A review of our August networking event by Vassia Sarantopoulou of The Anti-Loneliness Company.
In a room full of brave and ambitious women entrepreneurs, our monthly networking event was held last week at Carlton Ambassador. We were even more happy to see new faces that recently joined WBII and they are eager to join forces with us and start the engines of their own businesses with WBII on their side.
Our guest was Steven Neeteson, the co-founder of the agency Expat Audience (Madrid). He has been working internationally in online marketing and consultancy strictly for business related to the expat market and, during our event, he successfully managed to share some of his expertise on online marketing in his calm and, at the same time, humorous way.

Engage Online

Steven highlighted the importance of engaging online: How do we engage online? What tools are we using?
While the objective is always to increase our impact online, there are still some challenges that cannot be overlooked:

  • How to bring balance between money and time
  • How to be original and stand up when there is so much competition online
  • How to organize this big online mess


The magic word is: Content (“Content is King, Bill Gates, 1966). If you are sharing in website, blog, or other social media, what is the content of what you are sharing. If it’s about you, Steven claims that actually people care little about you and/or your products; however, they care more about themselves, their issues, their challenges. So, you should find the link between your product and your future clients’ needs, if you want to win them.

King of your own castle

Yes, social media is a technique to get more exposure, but the point is not to try to be the king in somebody else’s castle. What does Steven mean by that?

  1. Find your own niche; what you do well and what you enjoy doing.
  2. Focus on one audience.
  3. Decide on the type of content and be consistent with that.
  4. Build your “castle”.
  5. Create a publisher’s calendar.
  6. Promote.
  7. Harvest.
  8. Set up e-mail lists.
  9. Grow.

Covering our company site, blog, social channels, and the places we are missing online, we were encouraged to make a condensed quick plan on how to manage this effectively in less than 30 minutes a day.
Thank you, Steven, for this straightforward strategy tips that will help us not miss opportunities and acquire more new clients!
For those that missed it, Steven’s presentation is available here.
Highlighted member this evening was Vinita Salomé. As always, she made us travel through her beautiful photos. We had the chance to take a look at her new book A Sample from Gouda, to buy it or even to reserve a photo-tour with her to Gouda. Thank you, Vinita, for this treat!
It was an evening full of useful business advice, networking, photos, new faces, drinks and laughs.
Until next WBII meeting, have a beautiful and productive month!

Vassia-Sarantopoulou-100Vassia Sarantopoulou is a counselor-psychologist working with clients in one-to-one sessions but also organising group workshops. Her clients’ inner peace, independence and motivation is her main goal.