Susan de Vriend, originally a Life Coach for expats, has recently become a certified self-love life coach. With the help of Susan’s knowledge, we reflected on ‘How to be clear in our decision-making, taking into consideration both the Head and the Heart’.

We are all busy with work and family responsibilities, and often don’t have or take the time to reflect. This is also important when starting a new business, and we sometimes may struggle with asking for help, feel confused, and may even be going through periods of anxiety. Susan maintains that our heart knows all of the answers, and that we need to take time to listen to our hearts, and to recognize the need to balance the rational and emotional needs of the head and the heart. This action is also a way of showing more love and respect for ourselves.

Getting in touch with our heart – our inner voice – can help us through difficult situations and discover more about ourselves. A study of our heart can help to give us confidence, freedom, and connect with our true self. Because our heart – the seat of our soul –is the first organ which grows in our body, we alone know our own story. Society has made the mind king and the heart the slave but actually science is finding it is quite the opposite.. When we listen carefully, our heart will let us know when something is really wrong or right.

  • The Latin root word of ‘courage’ is heart. It originally meant “speaking one’s mind through the heart”
  • The heart is the first organ built in the human body; it is the first sign of vitality. The seed of one’s soul. It has the wisdom of your path and your purpose.
  • The heart has over 40000 neurotransmitters – it has a brain! It also has a powerful energetic field that extends to an ~10 ft radius. The heart regulates our emotions and intuition. It is the epicenter of innovation and creativity.

But how do we listen to our heart?

  • Using meditation is an excellent way to learn how to listen to our hearts.
  • We often seek proofs, but the heart doesn’t work that way. It is important that we learn to trust the heart. Beliefs are not necessarily truths; they are just something we are repeatedly led to believe. They influence the way we think.
  • The language of the heart, is not about conventional words or sentences. It is based on our personal value system. The heart talks to you the way you see the world, through “heart words”.
  • It is important to listen to your heart. By keeping in touch with your feelings and questioning your curiosity you can tap into what the heart wants to tell you.
  • We already know what we want; we just have to rediscover it through our hearts. We need to revisit what we felt in our childhood as we were already aware of what we loved. This will help ground us and help us find our passion in life.

In a wonderful guided meditation that Susan led for the audience, Susan encouraged us to ask our hearts – “What is important about your business or your life”

You can find out more about the heart resonance, energetic field and the brain cells from the Heart Math Institute and Heart Math.

Authors: Charlene Lambert and Akanksha Menon