We kicked off this month’s networking meeting with a reflective look back at 2020. Dymphna noted how the year’s unexpected challenges pushed us to grow our resilience and creativity. And we became more connected than ever before.

Despite the tragedy and anxiety, there were moments of pure joy. The funny TikTok dances. The cheerful singing and clapping from balconies. The amazing virtual symphonies.

In times like these, we are so grateful to have the dynamic Dymphna as our spirited online host!

After brief introductions, Business Coach Holly Bray presented her 5-step system to focus your energy, push past your limiting beliefs, and go from being busy to the boss of your life.

To begin, she shared a powerful mindset shift for success. “You need to do more than just show up for everyone else. You need to show up for yourself,” she said. “You must choose you. Respecting your time is respecting yourself.”

Then she walked us through each habit and gave us lots of questions to think about. Here are some key takeaways.


  • Making decisions takes a ton of time. But if we prioritize and focus our time on the most important things, we can take on the more important decisions with greater ease.
  • Choosing your own personal “why” is essential. Knowing WHY you do what you do, can motivate you and humanize your elevator pitch.


  • What are the obstacles that distract you or prevent you from having an ideal day? Face those head on.
  • Communicate your needs to the people around you.
  • Know when to say “no” to protect your time.
  • Your opinion is the only one that matters (not other people’s opinions).


  • Sleep is vital! When we get enough sleep we are happier and healthier. We can take on whatever we want to do.
  • Your morning and evening routines should include “buffer periods”
  • When we take the emotional, fear, and dread out of it, we CAN reverse engineer our ideal day.


  • Your morning routine does not have to look like it does on social media (so unrelatable!)
  • Design your morning routine in a way that works for you (you do you).
  • Include movement, mindset, personal development.


  • Calendar blocking is key, even if you don’t block every hour.
  • Include personal and professional tasks and be realistic.
  • Try batching similar tasks.

In the Q&A we debated blocking time vs. breaking your creative flow. And Holly pointed out that you are not married to your schedule. You can have larger, more flexible blocks of time, and use your schedule in a way that works for you.

All in all, a great meeting and topic to end the year and set ourselves up for success in 2021. Thank you Holly!

Beth Farris, Business Clarity Mentor
Beth Farris Consulting