The Customer Journey – May 2020 WBII Networking Review

I attended an inspirational WBII event. Why was it inspirational for me?

1) The energy of having twenty-five diverse, internationally minded women entrepreneurs on an online event was palpable. I loved listening to Katrina Walker announcing her initiative of CodeOp. CodeOp is an international tech school with bootcamps for women.

I was charmed by the style and wit of Dymphna Elsink, WBII Vice-President who facilitated the event. We all raised our glasses and  thanked Deborah Valentine for her services in the WBII “Mighty Comms Teams”. Dymphna also announced the initiative taken by WBII president Charlene Lambert and supported by the WBII Board; writing a letter opposing the method of income calculation in Tozo; an initiative of the Dutch Government during COVID-19 to help entrepreneurs and SMEs.

2) I am in awe of our young speaker Marloes de Ruiter for her delivery of an excellent and succinct presentation.

We can follow the customer journey through the five steps:

  • Research
  • Orientation
  • Consideration
  • Contact/ OrderFollow-up

Channel. Communication. Content. Three key takeaways I got from the well-organised presentation by Marloes.

Thanks to the WBII Networking event, which is organised on a monthly basis, we have a platform to connect with experts like Marloes and get acquainted with key concepts that are helpful for our growth as women entrepreneurs. She walked her talk as she communicated her message loud and clear and straight to the point. Her aesthetically pleasing-to-the-eye Powerpoint slides and concrete examples made her points easier to absorb.

Last but not the least, it’s not always the case that one can learn something new in a short period of time. But in this case, I’m pleased with the content of the presentation because I could say I’ve definitely learned something practical and powerful. For instance, in her talk on Customer Journey Mapping, I strongly agree with her that one’s choice of channel is important—choose where your target buyers are most likely to be present or actively involved. Tapping into your buyer’s persona is one of the things she spoke about that I find really interesting. It is indeed true that emotions are powerful, and so is the tone of voice one has to pick when communicating with the target audience.

By Nira Satguru
Founder director Future of Learning