I went in blind, I will admit. I read ‘peak performance’ in the title of the August networking event – and made an assumptive jump to it being about sports, and admittedly read no further. That did not though stop me from going because the WBII has been my ‘gas station’ for more than 10 years. Where I go to connect, energise, fill up on ideas, support, inspiration – and more.

Who knew?

Imagine my surprise to discover that treating networking events, and the WBII in general as a ‘gas station’ was in itself part of ‘peak performance’? Really – who knew? Well, one person for sure, and that was Heleniq Argyrou. Her talk was engaging, enlightening and inspiring on several levels, as she spoke to us about peak performance, entrepreneurship and female empowerment.

Heleniq shared with us, a thought of the Dalai Lama, which indicated that women were, are, bringers of great change. We have the advantage of experience, professional education and great compassion: fundamental building blocks to finding balance between life, love and leadership and, thus, on the edge of performing at our peak potential. This innate gift though is often undermined by so many external factors, which trigger stress, distraction and contribute to self-doubt, questioning of what we are doing, and what we can be. When we find ways to overcome these ‘distractions’ – and are capable of finding a stronger anchor for ourselves, then we can identify the purpose we have in dealing with, and confronting, the changes our societies and communities need to deal with current challenges.

Finding space and flow


We were reminded however, that this ‘higher state of mind’, our own personal ‘flow’, when we are able to be relaxed and a peak state of engagement with what we are doing is a skill, a skill to be learnt, and practiced. A skill which will help us to not be distracted and to remain connected to and in touch with our emotions – our ‘feminine identity’, and not suppress them. When we are able to master this we are ready to perform at our peak in all we do.


Heleniq explained that in searching for a deeper sense of meaning/purpose – aligning life-love-leadership – in and of itself helps each of us to grow stronger roots, anchoring us for the challenges ahead. And, she shared her concept of ‘Women of Truth Conferences’ as a place and opportunity for this to take place, announcing the first of such conferences in the Netherlands, planned for 2019. She also invited us to explore and discover other women of truth on linkedin.

Member Spotlight

At the August networking, the WBII started a new feature of its regular events, which was to invite a member to introduce who they are and what their business is about. Ebere Akadiri, owner of Ataro Food & Spices, founder of the Beauty in Every Life Foundation (BIEL), and the founder of the Rise and Lead Women Summit 2018, ended up providing an interesting intro to our topic, when she spoke of the ‘obligation we as female entrepreneurs, have to scale and grow – our businesses, and ourselves – as we are role models and possess the responsibility to become the guides of change to societal problems.’ Offering her insights into how our purpose, leadership and visibility can be best served. Among the key lessons she shared, were:

  1. As entrepreneurs, find a problem, societal issue and provide a solution. But, make sure the solution fits your own personality. Ataro Food and Spices was not about cooking workshops, and spices, it was about selling the adventure and experience of the African cuisine, and, it inadvertently led to the birth of BIEL by providing the ingredients for a cookbook as a way of raising awareness about and funds to combat human trafficking.
  2. Be a shameless in your marketing, but, aim to touch people’s hearts; find a value, market what people want to see (your passion) and show how you are filling that gap.
  3. There is power in partnerships, look for them, build them. When aligned, they will also accelerate your intention. As is evidenced by the partnerships Ebere was creating with organisations such as the WBII, Spark Amsterdam and others in bringing the Rise and Lead Women Summit to life.
  4. Don’t wait for change, be the change.

All of which merged beautifully with what Heleniq shared. And, confirmed, that even ‘going in blind’ to a trusted, supportive environment IS a way of aligning life-love and leadership! Thank you Heleniq, Ebere and of course, the WBII.

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By Deborah Valentine