Our September networking event was all about images.
We started with a member highlight by Cigdem Guven from Crocusfield.
Cigdem is a graphic designer who works with small business owners to create custom-made designs that match their vision and elevate their brand.


We learnt the 7 Do’s and Don’ts of a logo design:

  1. COMPOSITION: When sketching, think about your composition and spacing.
  2. CONSISTENCY: Do not change your logo and colour palette too often.
  3. UNIQUENESS: Differentiate from the crowd to be ORIGINAL.
  4. SPACE: Give your design room to breathe by adding white space.
  5. FONTS: stick to just a few.
  6. COLOURS: Use no more than 3 in your palette.
  7. SIMPLICITY: Less is more. Do not make it too complicated and detailed.


There are plenty of tools in the market that make it easier to create logos. However, Cigdem recommends getting help with your branding from a professional, who can design a logo and visual language that will reflect you and your business.

Speaking of visual language- the main event of the evening was the workshop led by Jefta Bade: Extreme Clarity Communication for Entrepreneurs. Jefta specializes in vision and strategy and translates these abstract terms into meaningful visuals.

When Jefta said this would be a practical workshop about drawing, he meant practical. We all ran out for a Sharpie and a blank piece of paper, and got straight to work.
We went from drawing squiggly lines to birds to human figures.

Jefta introduced the 9-field structure method: imagine a page, divided into 9 fields.

The centre of the page will always represent the CORE. To its left – the situation BEFORE. To its right – the situation AFTER.

Then you’ve got fields for STAKEHOLDERS, VALUES, AMBITIONS and CHALLENGES. And from the bottom left to the upper right corner – that’s where your process lies, from start to finish: your PURPOSE.

By the end of the night, we had the tools to communicate a complex process or idea with just a few drawings and very little text.

It was a fascinating way of looking at processes, and I know that I will use that in my next discovery call with a new client. It will help me make sure we are both on the same page and will make working together so much more efficient.

Check out this link for more ideas on how to apply the 9-field structure.


Moran Greenwald is an SEO Consultant who helps small businesses get found online.