veganFor our February networking, we once again had a delectable lunch at Sushi Morikawa. Since many people are away on holiday at the end of February, we decided to do an informal networking event with Anouk Boering, personal and professional coach at Go-Focus.
fishAnouk is professionally trained in utilizing the “Points of You” coaching game as one of her tools in practice. She introduced us to the game, we shared each a little something about ourselves with the group, and walked away knowing each person a little more.It was definitely a great tool to help remember someone you met at a networking event that you might otherwise forget from just an ordinary introduction.
ladies_at_lunchWe’d like to thank Anouk for leading us through the Points of You game, and to Sushi Morikawa for being such great hosts the second year in a row!
Ceci Wong
Thanks to Maaike and Esther for their photos!