The Women’s Business Intiaitive International is pleased to announce the following new Advisory Board Members. The Advisory Board is an essential link to the broader business community and provides strategic direction for the organization. The time and expertise contributed by the Board Members is greatly appreciated.
Toon Buddingh is a renowned Innovation & Entrepreneurship Guru. With his company BVIT innovatienetwerk, based at the Caballero Fabriek in The Hague.  He has established five clusters for start-ups around the Netherlands.  Over the past five years he has coached nearly 75 starters into a successful business.  BVIT is also active in investment and talent placement.  Toon has been cheering on the Women’s Business Initiative for a few years and has now formalized his involvement.
Goodelijn Boonman is a partner at GMW Advocaten in The Hague.  GMW is a full service law firm that is specifically focused on the international companies and residents of The Hague.  Godelijn is a great professional role model for ambitious women.  She was a speaker at WBII’s Your Future Today, sharing her expertise in Negotiation Strategies.  GMW is also a business sponsor of the Women’s Business Initiative.
Arno Panis brings a wealth of global experience to the Women’s Business Initiative.  He is a Director at RebelGroup Advisory in Rotterdam and is responsible for Corporate Finance, Funding and Investment capabilities within Rebelgroup.  He was previosly Managing Director at HSH Nordbank and Partner at Ernst & Young in New York.
Usha Kakaria-Cayaux is Career Development Officer at Heineken and formerly worked as Management Development Program Manager at Nike EMEA in Hillversum.