My name is Christa and I am originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland but I have spent most of my life in The Netherlands. I studied Social Sciences at Oxford University, and it was during this time that I met my husband, Pete. We both have a passion for cooking, and he ignited my desire to turn a hobby into a business.
Receiving warm reviews from friends for catering jobs, such as baby showers and birthday parties, convinced me to start a catering business. I aim to provide customers with high-quality food designed to meet their individual needs, at an affordable price. My mother has been a huge inspiration in this respect, as I aspire to deliver food to my customers prepared with the same care and consideration she dedicates to her cooking.
I offer a wide range of services, targeted mainly at busy working people with no time to cook for parties and other such events. In addition, I aim to provide expats living in The Netherlands with a taste of home, which includes authentic High Tea and baked goods such as cupcakes, muffins and biscuits. In the near future, look out for my new range of Malay food, inspired by my husband’ s cultural background. This includes sumptuous sauces such as authentic Malay Sambal Ketjap and Saté. These sauces will soon be available to buy from my website or at various outlets.
Ultimately, I want to provide customers with food perfectly suited to their catering needs, and to ensure that the process of ordering from my company is enjoyable, stress-free and satisfying.
Catering Telephone: 06 4705 6745
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