WBII office buildingWe are very excited to announce that Lisa Hall will serve as the next Chairwoman of the Executive Board of the WBII.
Lisa has been the driver of many crucial initiatives over the past 2 years and has been instrumental in steering WBII on it’s current track of success. We applaud Lisa for stepping up to the challenge of this role in the coming year and look forward to her energy and leadership in this new capacity.
The change is effective from 1 June and Lisa has already begun the handover process with Akkie Okma. We once again thank Akkie for her commitment to the WBII and appreciate all of the time, effort and energy she has put into the WBII. She will most certainly be missed on the Board and we are pleased she will remain an active member as she continues to focus on the growth of her business.
Another exciting announcement is that Natalie Carstens has accepted the position of Office Manager of the WBII. As a board member for the past year and a half, Natalie has handled many of the website and social media tasks and will now become the primary point of contact for all WBII correspondence. Before you bombard Natalie, please keep in mind that for budgetary reasons, the support hours per week are extremely limited. Congratulations, Natalie!
As Natalie and Akkie both rotate out of the Board, two new members are joining. We welcome Julie Kennedy and Severina Scarnecchia to the WBII Board.