The interaction between people, nature, and food is Nikolet Zwart’s passion.
Originally from Drenthe, Nikolet worked as a ‘paralegal’ in Curaçao after law school and then went to work as an attorney for a large law firm in The Netherlands. Right from the start, she was involved in public and private research co-operations between multinationals ncluding the breeding and sale of vegetable and flower seeds. Law and regulations on food production and nature preservation on the one hand and people’s differing morals and convictions on the other hand, fascinates her.  Now through her own company Bio Legal, being an independent advisor gives her the freedom to engage in those (legal and managerial) projects she deems in harmony with her convictions and thus live her passion.
Nikolet has lived in The Hague for the past 5 years and recently relocated her office to the WBII on the Laan Copes van Cattenburch.  What attracted her to the WBII? She appreciates the diversity of the members, coming from over 20 different countries, and likes the interaction of participating in courses, workshops and other meetings.
Welcome Nikolet!
{mosimage}Name: Nikolet Zwart
Date of birth: 7 August 1973
Place of birth: Hoogeveen
Nationality: Dutch