WBII Networking - January 2014We had a longer group conversation about the meaning of feces than perhaps comfortable for some but the ‘Boost your energy’ from Kyrin Hall, a clinical nutritionist, at the first WBII of the year was fascinating.
Keep in mind, the adage ‘cause and effect’ when thinking about a body problem. Awareness of the body and its activities can be a complicated science but if we pay attention to what is going on and heed the signs that the body is giving, then the answer to a problem is arrived at faster. Of course with Kyrin’s help, as a health expert, you may get there quicker.
WBII Networking - January 2014Kyrin works from inside out. Explaining how the gut works, she became animated and one could see the passion that she has for her subject of nutrition and fitness. She helps people understand, how food and lifestyle choices can profoundly impact overall health. She also focuses on fitness through her Amsterdam based studio Yoga 4 Runners and not only talks the talk but runs it too as she is a marathon runner.
You know that old saying ‘gut feeling’, according to Kyrin, there really is something in the saying; this kind of wisdom is a sort of survival instinct and can help us to understand our own bodies more deeply.
Listen to your gut feeling and do the things that feel right to make your business grow in 2014.
Best of gut, oops, best of luck!
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Sally SquirrellSally Squirrell
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