by Teresa Moynihan
On 30th November 2017, Jonathan Talbott of Talbott International Presentations (TIP) delivered yet another successful Professional Development Workshop for the WBII entitled `Negotiation for Success’.
Many members of WBII know Jonathan from his pitching and debating workshops, his work with TEDx speakers as well as his negotiation and persuasive skills which he cleverly demonstrated during the workshop.
Jonathan demonstrated how to come to a `Win-Win’ situation in a negotiation. As entrepreneurs, negotiation is a skill that a lot of us find difficult and shy away from. His practical tips and examples helped us to be well prepared and better equipped for a successful negotiation in the future.
His first piece of advice was `Separate the people from the problem’ which is something we could all resonate with. As small business owners, we often do business with people we know or with people in our networks.
Using illustrations, fun peer exercises and videos, Jonathan talked us through: 6 kinds of persuasion, and 4 principles of negotiation.
One key message that was brilliantly demonstrated in a video Jonathan shared with us was LISTENING TO YOUR CLIENT, BEFORE GOING INTO NEGOTIATION! This was the video he shared: Ernesto Sirolli’s – TEDx talk about a project in Zambia: `Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!’ 
Participants went home with a much stronger awareness of what to watch out for in negotiations.
Thank you Jonathan!
Teresa Moynihan helps the WBII in planning & coordinating our Professional Development Workshops. She is a Certified and Licensed Career Counsellor with a postgraduate qualification in Career and Talent Management.