Bookkeeping-​Jennifer Van Dijk
Bookkeeping-​Jennifer Van Dijk
Bookkeeping-​Jennifer Van Dijk
Bookkeeping-​Jennifer Van Dijk
Bookkeeping-​Jennifer Van Dijk
Questions Raised During Presentation
Please keep in mind, that these questions are answered from the perspective of an eenmanszak. The answers may be different for a Stichting, VoF or BV.
Computer – Can I own more than one computer in my business & how do I deduct it (depreciate) for tax purposes?
Here are 2 good overviews:
In short, yes. You can own more than one computer for your business. The big caveat is that you need the revenue (turnover) to justify that deduction. In short, you need to make more money than you spend. 
The question during the Q&A was what to do about a computer bought for business use that is not functioning well enough after two years. If you are throwing the computer away, then you are declaring it as a disposed asset. If you are just using it less, you can choose how quickly you depreciate it (for 5 years or less) based upon how much revenue you earned and how many other deductions you have.
Washing Uniform – Yes, but only if it is truly a uniform or costume
Personal Health Insurance – No. Not deductible
Buying Food for an Event – There are several factors for this – are existing or potential clients attending; is the event catered in a space rented specifically for this purpose?
Representation & Marketing Expenses
Gifts – 
Wine as a gift 
Home Office – Calculator
Rental Property – the calculator defines:
A workspace is independent if it can be clearly distinguished by external characteristics. For example by:

  • a private entrance or entrance
  • other facilities in the workspace, such as private sanitary facilities (toilet and water supply)

You could also rent the workspace as such to, for example, an unknown person.
Rule Changed in 2016
I hope this information helps start to answer your questions. As you can see, there are oftentimes many inter-related factors. It is best to consult a tax adviser that can understand your unique situation and provide you with a definitive answer.
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