Yes, definitely! What are you waiting for?
The easiest way to get out of having a proper, professional portrait taken is to use a vacation photo or something from the family album, probably cropped (oops! Did you forget the arm around your neck?). We have all been there at some point, equally guilty – I know I have done that previously. So, why do you need a high-quality photograph of just you?
Creating a first impression is important. Now that nearly every one of us is online, it is easy to find an online profile. And, when that happens what image of yourself are you portraying to the world? A portrait isn’t just a portrait. Remember that it is a visual representation of yourself, your brand. You. A thought-through, composed portrait is an extension of your business. Use it as an advertising tool so that people can put an image to the name.
Just like how you would think through before launching your website, the content you publish, your storefront, dressing, tone of voice, etc., your professional photograph also supports and sells your brand – the identity you have carefully moulded. Here is a look at some well-known personas (my personal favourites!); can you not get a vibe from them just by looking at these images, which represent their brand:

tina fey richard branson
There are quite a few ways to portray yourself; it doesn’t need to be the same-old approach. With the help of a photographer, you can set the scene to represent who you are, what you do, and your personality. There are options of having it shot in-studio or on-location. And, if you feel odd having a still shot, you could even include some in-action photographs.
If you are camera shy or don’t quite know how you want to be represented, that’s when a photographer can help. No longer just the person with the camera and counting down; your photographer also discusses the setting and direction to achieve a fabulous end result!
When it comes to purchasing your professional portraits, there can be different pricing options that depend on the use of the images. The typical uses are for online (i.e. social profiles, websites), business cards, newsletters, and others that fall into those areas. Additional uses would include prints for packaging, billboards, books and video. So, keep in mind to choose a package that is applicable for your use.
 By Malinder Kaur of Malinder Kaur Photography
* On top of her other services, Malinder Kaur Photography specialises in commercial and portrait photo sessions, and is currently offering Women’s Business Initiative International members a 10% discount for business portrait sessions.
Foto credits: Oprah Winfrey, Tina Fey, Richard Branson