Many small-business women have opted for a home-based office over the struggles of commuting to an off-site location in order to run their business. Some may think that the “professional” part is lost if you work from home while sporting your Pj’s, and while that may not be appropriate if you had a client interview, it doesn’t matter much if you are on the phone all day or managing your business through an internet site.
Being professional is one significant aspect that sets your business apart from others.  Because you work from home, it may be important for you to focus on areas that traditional businesses don’t have to worry about.
Here are some suggestions that you might find handy: 

  • Remain completely focused. Working from home brings a whole other dimension to working. We can often find ourselves getting distracted by the never-ending things that need to be done at home. So we may find ourselves tiding up while on the phone with a client in order to be efficient. Though the reality is, you are not being 100% focused on your client when you are doing two things at once. Which may end up being a problem later on when a client says “ I told you about this the last time we talked..” or an error being made on an order. Dedicate time for your work and remain dedicated to that time slot, even if dishes are calling out your name!
  • Invest in a nice site and information material. I often look at sites or promotional material and think, “Wow, they must have such a large facility and heaps of employees” only to be surprised that they are a one-person show who works from their basement. It is worthwhile investing the time and capital needed in a site that will provide the professionalism you want projected. Whatever marketing material you use, is a projection of who you are, so be sure that it best represents what, how and why you do what you do!
  • Be confident! Show customers you believe in what you are doing! Let them know that you have what it takes to give them what they need irrelevant of where your office is located.

These are just a few suggestions that I have found useful. Think about how you have organized your business, what have you done to ensure you remain professional? What worked and what didn’t? Can you offer other members at the WBII suggestions or ideas? If so, log into the WBII website and choose members section, click on the WBII members forum and let them know what you have done so we can share it with the other members.
Good luck! And don’t forget to SMILE!
by Sharon Hillenaar