Learn the 9 critical steps with Natacha Villedieu-Silvestre of Optirisk Solutions during a free videoconference in English on 29 August, from 11 am to 11:45 am, with the participation of Eric Messin, international marketing and sales advisor.

“I loved this conference : asking the clients how they feel, I think it is great actually. It helps to put the discussion at another level”
– testimonial from the last session.

You will also learn about a global online training to improve wisely your financial autonomy and quickly recruit and retain your ideal customers, without being overwhelmed, to be launched in September.
What we offer is not magic, it is simply experience. And, for the first twenty participants there is a special gift.
What are you waiting for?
Visit Optirisk Solutions for details and registration options.
Session will last 45 minutes on Monday 29 August 2016 at 11 am.

Natacha Villedieu-SilvestreNatacha Villedieu-Silvestre is passionate about guiding foreign freelancers and small size companies to set up and develop smoothly in The Netherlands, since the creation of her own consulting company Optirisk Solutions, in 2011 after ten years in the banking industry in Hong-Kong. Watch the story of Optirisk Solutions here.