Summer is slowly fading away, and our beach, sun- drenched bodies are also a bit dry and in need of more hydration. What is the best option for the skin?
Natural plant extracts and essential oils – pure nature, nothing else added. They can simply soften parched skin. The best oils to use are: macadamia, olive, coconut and evening primrose oils which all help to condition the skin. To add the scent to it use geranium, ylang ylang and vanilla oils. Use it every night after your shower, and you will notice the difference after the first time! See and feel the difference with seriously soft, smooth, healthy-looking skin.At ASpa Health & Beauty, we would like to invite you to sample our body treatments, for further information contact: ASpa Health & Beauty , Azra Secerbegovic, T 06 51137656.
*half price discount for the members of WBII.