Canadians and Scandanavians have much in common – weather and global political positions come first to mind. What you may not know is that when combined with a Dutch element, these two nationalities can organise a mean BBQ. It must be the weather of our countries that spurs us to perfect the art of cooking meat, preparing salads and entertaining … or it is just us, Diane (Canadian), Cecilia (Swedish) and Deborah (Canadian) who wish to provide a kick-off for the holidays and make the Womens Business Initiative next Networking event a memorable event.
Whatever the reason, you are invited to sample the delicacies, share your experiences, meet new friends and joins us in an event which will salute the past, toast the future and explore new experiences! It is of course also a great opportunity to bring along a friend who you would like to introduce to the WBII.
Sign up online , please visit the WBII calendar for more information.