Two new Social Skills 4 Kids group courses are planned to start at Expat Child Psychology in the early months of 2016!
Social Skills 4 Kids is an English spoken group course for children aged 9 to 12 that improves children’s social and emotional skills helping them to be more assertive, more empathic and more confident in their social interactions.
The lessons are set up in small groups to help the children practice their new skills in a calm, friendly and supportive environment. The course touches upon situations that are typical to the expatriate lifestyle such as how to build and maintain new friendships, as well as how to say goodbye.
The first two courses of 2016 are planned to start by the end of January on Tuesdays in Amsterdam and on Wednesdays in The Hague.
Please get in touch with us for more information or to request referrals via or visit our website.

Jet-SichtermanJet Sichterman supports the social and emotional needs of expat children & their families. Within her practice, Expat Child Psychology, she offers individual sessions, parent consultations, and Social Skills 4 Kids group courses.