In March 2007 I registered as a business owner. My ‘eenmanszaak’ was then called: Dymphna Business Assistance, and I have been a personal assistant since then. I have worked for many different entrepreneurs and must confess that when I started, working with the computer (especially Excel) was frightening. But I did it! Over the years, I have learned so much on how to make processes easier and more efficient. Now, with all the tools accessible, the work has changed very much. In those 15 years I went from hanging up posters and leaving flyers to making Canva images for social media. It has been a journey!

I am one of those entrepreneurs for whom work almost stopped due to Covid 19. I was making a normal income in February 2020 but by the end of July three-quarters of my income had dried up. And most importantly, everyone had moved online! So my work has been completely online since 2020. In the beginning it was ok, but I found myself feeling very isolated. I am an introvert extravert; I like being with people. I wanted to be a Personal Assistant (PA), not a Virtual Assistant (VA).

Furthermore, my kids turned 18 at the end of 2020, and with no small kids for a while it suddenly hit me: I love being a mum and I loved being a PA and working on site and remotely. I didn’t like my kids not needing me as much, nor did I like being in front of the computer all the time. Something had to change.

Before 2007, I had already worked with children. Once I had my twins, it became too difficult and that is when I started my business. I always loved taking care of and being with kids. So in November 2020, I applied for and got a job working with children; since January 2021 I have been working as a ‘pedagogisch medewerker’ at the BSO Montessori Waalsdorp for 2 days a week. I love it and I crave for more!

I have therefore decided to start the shortened part-time PABO in September to become a primary teacher as soon as I can. In the months that lay ahead I need to refresh my memory and study all that primary kids need to know. And I needed to take another difficult decision: I am stepping down from the WBII board at the end of March.

Having said that, this is NOT a Goodbye! I will still continue as a member as I am still working as an entrepreneur with Jouw Assistente. As everything is in transition, Jouw Assistente will transform in the future as I start a new business as a private tutor.

No goodbyes but rather a See you later!


Dymphna Elsink, WBII Vice-President


Cover Photo credit Ingrid Vente