Last year, Allison Hamilton-Rohe was chosen as a speaker at Spark! and absolutely loved the experience. She came away inspired and grateful to have had the opportunity to share her knowledge with aspiring, entrepreneurial women. Plus, it was huge affirmation!
This year, she’ll be speaking at Spark2016, but instead of doing her talk on personal style, she’ll be sharing her entrepreneurial journey as a case study. The theme of her talk is getting real, so it’s going to be really honest & open — which is something mid-career entrepreneurs rarely do. This is a risk for her, but one she is happy to take if it encourages other women to take risks, too.
By all accounts, Spark is an incredible event aimed squarely at helping all of us at the WBII achieve our goals. If you’re planning to attend, do take the time to sit in on Allison’s talk. It will be fun and engaging (as any of you who attended April’s meeting already know), but also help you get real — and energized — about your own entrepreneurial journey!
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Allison Hamilton-RoheAllison Hamilton-Rohe is a Personal Style Coach with her own company, DailyOutfit. She created a unique formula to help you discover your personal style.
From New York, Allison is living in Leiden with her husband, two kids, dog and rabbit. To learn more about Allison or DailyOutfit, check out her site