In our community of small businesses, the power of love transcends mere sentimentality; it emerges as a transformative force that fuels success and resilience. Love in business, characterised by genuine care for employees, clients and the community, creates a unique ecosystem of trust and collaboration. Small businesses thrive on personal connections, and when love is infused, it allows your clients to feel the love you have for your business, products and services. We know you are a passionate entrepreneur driven to create products and services that genuinely benefit their customers.

The WBII aims to create a supportive environment where challenges are faced collectively and triumphs are celebrated as a team. Ultimately, in the world of small enterprises, the power of love isn’t just a warm sentiment; it becomes a strategic force that propels growth, fosters resilience and transforms businesses into vibrant, interconnected communities.

Join us on 15 February for an in-person Borrel as we raise our glasses to the accomplishments of this month. We invite members to share their favourite self-love rituals. Whether it’s a daily meditation practice, a hobby or simply taking time for a good book, your stories can inspire others to prioritise self-care.


Allyson Kukel, Editor
Rooted in Calm


Cover Photo credit Christopher Beloch