If you were given a bag of cement and a bucket of water – would you create a stumbling block or a stepping stone?
That was the challenge for participants in January’s Step Up to the Plate session which focused on goal setting for 2009.
According to Sinead Hewson of Client Focused Coaching who facilitated the session, “most people don’t achieve their goals because they have bitten off more than they can chew – it’s useful to break down a goal into smaller more achievable pieces. Goals which are 70% to 90% achieved are more likely to succeed than ones which are only 10% fulfilled.
To get started, here’s a goal setting short cut for WBII members!

  1. What specifically do I want? (stated in positive)
    – Tip:Goals need to reflect your passion for your business and your personal life.
    – They need to be specific and stated in the positive.
  2. Where am I now in achieving that goal?
  3. How will I know when I have achieved my goal? What evidence do I need?
  4. What are the pay-offs for me?  (personal and professional)
  5. Can I make it on my own? What resources do I need? Who can help me? What skills do I have and what do I need to change?
  6. How do I want this to happen?  What is the time frame for the results?  What are the milestones?

Think about the following

  • What will happen if I achieve my goal?
  •  What won’t happen if I achieve my goal?
  • What will happen if I don’t achieve my goal?
  •  What won’t happen if I don’t achieve my goal?

Then, go back and refine what your goal more specifically. Is the goal 70% there? If not chunk it down into a smaller piece that is achievable within a realistic time-frame.
The February Step Up to the Plate takes place on Thursday, 20th March – Theme – The ‘Yes’ syndrome (Bartering and Negotiation) Cost € 20,- per member, 20 places available. Check the calendar for more information and registration details.