Are you interested in exploring how you can sharpen your emotional ‘intelligence’ and financial independence, or in understanding how your own personal leadership can help you to make important changes in your life?


Register nowIWD2015Invite_Screen for our International Women’s Day program and celebration on March 6, and you’ll be able to join thought-provoking workshops to help stimulate and improve your entrepreneurial and personal success.
This year we’ve chosen a new format for the International Women’s Day program, which takes into account feedback we received regarding our earlier events.
Three different workshops will be held; one on the subject of Emotional Intelligence, one on Self-leadership, and one on Financial Independence. Our inspiring speakers are specialists in their respective fields, and you can choose to attend two of the three workshops.

Inspiring and Empowering Workshops

WORKSHOP 1 – – CHRISTINE FITZGERALD: Emotional Intelligence
get in touch with your intuition, and use your emotional energy more effectively
Christine FitzgeraldDid you know that a large number of Nobel Prize winners claimed their intuition played an important role in creative and scientific discoveries?  And a growing number of well-known companies are basing some important decisions, not on facts, but on their intuition.
Join Christine Fitzgerald in understanding more about how our emotions and intuitions can help us to get in touch with ourselves to sort out problems and make better use of our emotional energy.
Christine Fitzgerald is currently Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Management at Webster University, and has been working at Webster since 1985.  She was Head of the Webster Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences from 1992 until 1999, and again from 2000 until 2003. In 2007, she joined the faculty of the New Business School in Amsterdam giving courses and personal coaching to their undergraduate students.
A magna cum laude graduate of Pace University, she received the MA in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University. She is the recipient of the Prince Fellow Award for Distinguished excellence in teaching, the Pace University Award for Excellence in Psychology, the Percy H. Johnson Award for Academic Excellence, and was a nominee for the William T. Kemper Award for Excellence in Teaching (2004-2005 and 1999-2000).
Christine is a co-founder and Director of Vivace: Professional Development, an organisation specialising in management training, seminars, workshops and coaching and she has provided business education in North America, Europe and Asia.  She has also served for nine years as Assistant Professor of Marketing at Nijenrode University, and has also been a faculty member of European University, Echelon University and the Hotel School of The Hague. Her corporate experience includes a professional post at Chemical Bank (now Chase) in New York City, where she worked in marketing research and strategic long-term planning, project management, and corporate training.


WORKSHOP 2 – – VANESSA SMITH: Self- Leadership
learn to tap into your potential and initiate a game-changing shift
What if there was a way to tap into your much vaster potential so that you could affect the shifts you yearn for?
And what if, once you discovered that potential you were able to choose how you engage with it?
What might you create?
This is an invitation to learn how to discover and use that potential to its greatest effect so that you begin to self-lead and initiate a game-changing shift.
21st century leadership, whether you are a leader by profession or not, requires a new kind of presence and awareness that results in far more inspired and powerful actions.
Come and experience your own possibility.
Vanessa Smith is a Leadership Coach and Visual Facilitator blending her background in teaching, art and documentary making (Mexico). She loves learning, discovering new perspectives, and co-creating new more enlightened ways forward.
Her work always has a creative angle, and, as a Visual Facilitator working throughout Europe for the last 10 years, she has worked with TEDx, BBC, Rolls Royce, Barclays Bank, Shell, Oracle, British Council, DNV-GL, Mini, amongst others. Her work commonly combines coaching, art, teaching and visuals in order to support her client through to their next level.
Her approach is people centred because she believes that people are the world’s greatest, most creative resource and asset.
She is constantly on a search for connection, meaning and authenticity.
“When we let go of controlling the outcome, we are free to step into the potential of what wants to happen and our leadership becomes transformational. When we incorporate all of who we are into what we do, we show up differently and begin leading our lives in a far more powerful, joyful and aligned way and can then employ this wholeness towards a world that works.”
Vanessa is from New Zealand and has lived in Mexico, Spain, the UK and now the Netherlands and speaks English and Spanish.
She is a certified Transformational Presence Coach, certified coach from International Coach Academy and certified Money Marketing and Soul Coach. She was won the 1991 Media Peace Award for her Documentary “Winter of the Mind” on refugee resettlement in New Zealand.
Crafting Connection is a creative communications company blending facilitation, coaching and art. They engage creatively with individuals, groups and staff members at all levels in creative team development, strategy evolution, leadership, visioning or anywhere where breakthrough wants to happen.
Crafting Connection seeks to gather information and identify the essence showing up, and then support clients to join the dots and discover new stories and ways through old issues or future possibility and potential.


WORKSHOP 3 – – SANDRA BOEKHOUDT: Financial Independence
your money, your future: take control of your financial destiny
Sandra Boekhoudt
Imagine if you did not have to worry about your financial situation or future.
Imagine if you could work less, enjoy life more and earn more money at the same time.
Imagine if money was working for you instead of vice versa.
Does this sound too good to be true?  The truth is that money has tremendous power, the power to set you free and the power to enslave you. Money is also freedom. It allows you to do what you truly want to do. It allows you to give your gifts and talents as you were meant to give them.
This workshop is about waking up, taking action and moving forward. It is about taking control of your money and by doing so becoming the leader and role-model this world needs.
Are you ready to take the first steps on your road to financial independence? Sandra is excited and looking forward to meeting you and helping you on your path.
Sandra Boekhoudt is a Financial Consultant, Coach and trainer with a Master’s degree in Finance & Accounting from Nyenrode Business University.  As a financial Consultant she has worked for and advised many big organizations in the Netherlands such as the Dutch Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen), Port of Rotterdam (Havenbedrijf Rotterdam), Deloitte and Telfort.
In 2014 she co-founded Money-Matters in order to help raise the financial literacy among entrepreneurs. As a coach and trainer she has helped many entrepreneurs on their road to financial independence. Her personal mission is to educate & empower entrepreneurs with financial knowledge that leads to real results. “I truly believe that financial wisdom leads to success. It is true financial literacy that will allow us to pursue our biggest dreams”.


Cocktail Party

Following the workshops, please join us from 17.00 – 19.30 for a celebratory cocktail party with snacks, which is being held in the Hilton Spark Bar.
Our keynote speaker, Simone Filippini, CEO of Cordaid, will address the audience during the cocktail party on the subject of Cordaid’s work to support entrepreneurial women in developing countries.
Simone FilippiniSimone Filippini has been Cordaid’s Chief Executive Officer since October 2013. Previously, she worked as Consul General to the Southeast of the U.S. and as Dutch ambassador to Macedonia.
During her international career, Simone also worked as Head of Division in the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 2003 to 2007, she was actively engaged in keeping women’s rights on the Dutch and international agenda. Prior to this, she dealt with a wide range of topics within the ministry. She started her career at a commercial conference organisation.
Simone describes herself as being passionate about building bridges, and as someone who takes a businesslike approach to the non-profit sector. This makes her very well placed at the helm of Cordaid as a social enterprise.
Simone studied Slavic languages and literature at the University of Utrecht. She is married, has two children and lives in The Hague.

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