A review of the August networking evening by Natalie Carstens
photo 03At our August networking event, Helen Kuyper completely captivated her audience with her fast-paced workshop on storytelling – a glimpse into a much longer training programme that she offers.
At a party, we tell stories to connect with others. In business, we tell stories to achieve something. Do you tell stories? How well do you tell stories? How good is your business story?
Good stories are remembered. When you tell a story well, you can connect and relate to your client.
5 elements of a great story - Helen KuyperFive Elements of a Great Story
Helen shared with us, the five elements that help make a great story: characters, mission, opponents, obstacles, and victory.
Obstacles will make your story real and relatable. Humans like happy endings so be sure to finish your story with a victory by giving your listener (or reader) the “ta-da” moment.
Story Mapping
Helen also explained the concept of Story Mapping (a way of finding your stories) and we all had the opportunity to put theory into practice by pairing up and sharing stories with each other.
The Power of Storytelling
Storytelling can be very powerful. The Dutch Foreign Minister, Frans Timmermans, is a great example of a fantastic storyteller. Listen to his emotional UN Speech on the MH17 tragedy and you will experience a powerful connection to his words. He does this by connecting to his audience on three levels – personal, local and global.
Connecting with Clients
Helen concluded her workshop/presentation by talking about ways to connect with clients through stories. When asked a question, answer that question with a story; a story of your business. Tell a story about what you’ve done, and remember to include the five key elements.
We would like to thank Helen for an inspiring evening, showing us how we each can tell stories in our businesses.
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