A way to get a new perspective on situations. Troublesome patterns will get moving again.
The goal of systemic work is to make the hidden dynamics and thus the disturbed relationships within systems as a family and organization visible. Everyone has their place in a system. Whether this is a family system, school system, sports team or organization system, all systems have their own characteristics.
At the base there are three principles:

  • Binding: everyone involved in the system has its own place in it
  • Planning: between the members of the system dominates a certain order
  • Balance: there must be balance between giving and taking

Learning to recognize, acknowledge and accept your own place and the position occupied by others in the system, are giving peace and space for yourself and your surroundings. A system is more than the sum of all individuals who are part of it. Information that is otherwise inaccessible, can provide through systemic work astonishing insights that have long-term impact.
Systemic work has occupied an important place in the therapeutic field, industry and other areas of life are using the power of it now as well. This method also provides a fresh look at our skills and competences.
The inserted questions can be very varying, such as questions about your family (current or family of origin), about your work and about the roles you play in different areas of your life, about your participation in networks, about dilemmas, about your career and other systems.
The method of constellation seems to be strange at the first sight. During the workshop, the questioner shall appoint a question or issue. After that follows an inventory of elements that are part of this question. These elements are arranged with the aid of objects or persons exposed relative to each other to make the underlying dynamics visible. The insights gained during the workshop by the client will work through in the following weeks. The client will live at a particular time in the ‘solution’, eventually allowing to take any new steps.
We work in a secure environment, where your question step by step can unfold into a new insight or solution. After each drawing there is a possibility to ask questions to which you have touched. The constellation puts you in touch with your system and personal themes.
There may be 15 to 20 people to participate in the workshop. You are introduced to the method in an accessible way. Participants are not required to bring a problem, you can be there only watch.
Contribution: Arrangement € 75, Participant € 15
Location: The Hungry Mind, Wijndaelerweg 9, Porto Cabine!
Dates: Wednesdays 18 November 2015 (bi-langual Dutch and English)
Start at: 19.30; door will be open at 19.00.
More info: Els Schepens: +31 6 39384202 or +32 478 580184 or Nathalie Gerards: +31 6 28640561
Registration by e-mail: info@namaya.nl (Please mention: Enrollment systemic work and your name and if you want to have an arrangement € 75 or that you just will be a participant € 15)

wbii logoEls Schepens is an experienced psychotherapist, consultant and trainer. She is a trained professional author (Kernkracht KU Leuven) and head coach systemic work with TC University Rotterdam. Els has years of experience and is internationally certified.
More information about Els can be found on LinkedIn.