We have all heard of TED in one way or another. An organisation designed to induce connections and create a platform for inspired people to interact and share “ideas that are worth spreading” in the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design – hence the acronym “TED”.
Tupelo Translations, an agency based in Rotterdam, has voluntarily connected to TEDx Rotterdam. In partnership with another Translation agency, Tupelo Translations assists with accurate Dutch to English conversions, website texts and social media messages to name a few.

“Aspire to Inspire”

In collaboration with its partners, TEDxRotterdam is hosting a number of side events leading up to the main event on the 4th of November. Naturally this main event remains the conundrum for this year with the theme “Aspire to Inspire”. You can find a full definition of what this entails on its website www.tedxrotterdam.com
So, keep a close eye on the TEDxRotterdam website and the other social media channels stated below, because it’s promising to be a memorable experience! The main event will be a platform where you can connect with new people; get new ideas, new incentives, new experiences and so much more. Here’s a thought: go find out for yourself and get inspired!

Bianca-Wijnstekers-Handy-100Bianca Wijnstekers-Handy is a translator of legal documents. She provides Dutch-English and English-Dutch translations of contracts, terms and conditions, deeds, court documents and the like. Based in Rotterdam, she serves the world. You contact her via email on bianca@tupelotranslations.nl