I recently completed World Start Up’s Basecamp and Financial Readiness programmes. One of the tasks was to complete a five-minute pitch to tell the story of Unconventional Doctorates. Sounds easy. It wasn’t. I learnt the hard way that a pitch deck takes time to create and is constantly evolving.

Here are some tips to compile your pitch deck as you prepare to meet your business goals in 2024

  1. Get clear on the purpose and use of the pitch deck (what do I want my audience to understand? What are the three most important points I want to make?).
  2. Consider using AI tools to develop the outline presentation.
  3. Review examples of 5-minute pitches that secured funding. Go to pitch events and TEDx talks to see how other people express themselves and tell their stories.
  4. In general, there are seven elements to a pitch deck. Mission & vision; the problem you are trying to solve; the market & opportunity; the solution to the problem (product or service); traction and revenue; how you will make it happen; and contact details.
  5. Test and get feedback from peers and strangers (grin and bear it, even when it’s not what you want to hear).
  6. Record and practise the pitch. Listen a few days later and look at areas for improvement and coherence. Here is a presentation rehearsal using the latest version of my pitch deck recorded on Canva. I prefer speaking live – so that the way I tell the story in real-time will (I hope) be natural and engaging and meet my goals.
  7. Cut the content to meet the target audience. Adapt and improve.

This article was written by our Professional Plus member Dr. Sinead Hewson of Tpebo.

Photo by Teemu Paananen on Unsplash