3This workshop is not just another workshop to tell you what you are doing wrong. It’s a focus on what you are doing right. But most of all, it’s a gathering of parents that want to come to terms with a not-perfect role and to find peace and balance in their parenting life.
Get confident in your parent role.
Enjoy the most of your family life.
Learn useful tools to make your children less scared and more confident. Learn how to diminish the “unwelcome” behavior and enhance some good habits.
But most of all,
Get rid of the “guilty” feeling of “always doing something wrong”.
This workshop aims to cover these main points:
-When to say “No”.
Boundaries and Assertiveness.
Transforming bad habits to good behavior.
-“My child’s school performance is worrisome”.
From dealing with gifted kids until school failure.
-The Third Culture Kid.
How kids react and feel before, during and after every transition.
Practical skills and developmental issues that strengthen the child in every transition.
-Who is the parent and who is the child in the relationship.
Reversing of the roles.
Conflicts between siblings.
-“I feel guilty for going to work.”
Working parent. – The parent that does the household.
How to bring the balance.
The role of father.
-“Why are you sad? I have no idea..”
Dealing with difficult emotions: anger, sadness.
Recognising emotions and coping with them.
Emotional Intelligence.
-“What if I don’t make it?”
Help your child deal with shyness, lack of self-confidence, decision-making. Build strong, independent characters.
-Empowering the foundation.
The couple vs the couple with kids = Adjust to the new circumstances. Achieve more satisfaction from a marriage with children.
The divorce. How to deal with it in front of the kids and together with them.
-“Can you please lower the volume?”.
My teenagers. How to deal with adolescence. Be prepared for a rebellion in your house.
Starting on 18 April 2016Contact Vassia Sarantopoulou for details.
FEES: 15€ per meeting
(INCLUDING: Handouts & Coffee break nibbles)
DAYS: Every Monday
TIME: 11.00-13.00
PLACE: The Hague

Vassia-Sarantopoulou-100Vassia Sarantopoulou is a counselor-psychologist working with clients in one-to-one sessions but also organising group workshops. Her clients’ well-being, self-balance and empowerment is her main goal.