Barbara Piper-RoelofsNatasha Bonnevalle (Present Change)Two of our members: Natasha Bonnevalle and Barbara Piper, have joined hands and developed something completely new: Lifeshops.
This summer they are starting a series of monthly lifeshops for women. Their focus is on awareness, reflection, change, and personal growth. Not just another ordinary lecture or motivational talk, no this will be about getting your hands dirty and getting to work yourself.

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Lifeshop 1: Ladies, put on your own oxygen masks first!
Monday 7 July, 19:30
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Natasha and Barbara met in 2013 at the school of their children in Benoordenhout. Natasha had just returned to The Netherlands after 12 years abroad and sharing the same expat-experience, they started talking. They soon found out that they had more in common than just that. For months they met in ‘Spaces’ at the Malieveld and discussed their work and backgrounds and the different experiences that not only made them entrepreneurs but at the same time created a sense of gratitude and contentment with their lives, their different roles and the journey they were on.
The need to share these experiences was born and they started developing a program. That program now has a name:
The babouska dolls, they told us, originate from Russia and signify our life’s journey. From baby to child, to adult, to mother and grandmother. “The dolls represent the development and generational work that we do in our lifeshops and we hope give a sense of connection to ourselves, our past, present and future and to everything around us”.
After some hard work, together with Lemonberry’s Lisa Hall, also a WBII member, their website went live last week. Please check out: