A business plan describes how an organization or a business unit intends to navigate successfully through it’s own unique competitive environment. A business case, on the other hand, is about what happens if you take a certain course of action like that of investing into your own business. That’s a differentiation coming from Gerard Geerlings, an independent management consultant who also teaches business IT and management at the TIO University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam.
He’ll be speaking more about this and his self-developed methodology when building a business case/plan at the Next-level of Business Planning UNLOCKED training workshop on June 20th.

“The success of starting a new business depends to a large extend on the time and effort spend on developing your Business Case and letting others challenge and test your case!” ~ G. Geerlings

And on the process of conceptualizing what the right market, tools, channels, costs, purpose and others are for your business to stay alive, understanding the basic building blocks of a strategy is fundamental, according to Artur Kasza, doctor of social sciences at the University of Leuven in Belgium and who will also be speaking at the Next-level of Business Planning Unlocked training workshop on June 20th.

“There are 4 levels of strategy that an entrepreneur or an initiator has to master. Strategy design is the top and basic of them all, followed by portfolio management, then programme design (or group of projects), and last but not the least, individual projects.”       ~ A. Kasza

To dig deeper and get more enlightened about what this next-level of business planning is with insights and tips on the:

  • HOW’s and WHY’s of building a business case as opposed to only a business plan (by Gerard Geerlings)
  • BASICS of building a complete business strategy & practical applications to your business planning (by Artur Kasza)

Be there at the…

The Next-level of Business Planning UNLOCKED!

Building a business case with proven strategies & methodologies

DATE: 20 June 2015 (Saturday)
TIME: 14:00-17:00
VENUE: Pedro de Medinalaan 1, 1086 XK Amsterdam
Website: www.e3events.nl

The training workshop is applicable to those who are already in business and those who are about to start one.
You can contact Myra Colis (WBII member and organizer of this event) at info@e3dis.com for more info.